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I'm the spokesmodel and photographer for The Studio Concept in Atlanta, GA. The modeling and fashion industry is my passion! Here on my blog I want to introduce you to industry professionals, budding talent and even some of the wonderful clients I get to work with!

Artistic. Creative. Beautiful. Influential. Sexy. Ambitious. Talented. Fearless.

Whatever you are...Just B.
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Page 14: ...And She Gave Me a Corner wonderful business partner thought it would be a good idea for me to have a "corner" on her blog site.  I agreed :) So....welcome to Page 14!   Here is where I will talk about...well...whatever I think is relevant.  The  views and opinions  expressed in my corner are not necessarily  supported by and blah, blah, blah....LOL!
B In The Zone: Just...B

WELCOME TO MY CORNER!!! This is my private space to come and share my personal thoughts with you. My first message from my corner is sheer appreciation and gratitude to YOU! Ooooohhhh,  I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported me thru my modeling and photographic career. *shoutin'* THANK YOU!!

Music producer. Motivational speaker. Entrepreneur.  Concept Model for The Studio Concept. And the list continues to grow. I truly enjoy shooting him. I never know exactly what direction we're going in until the very last minute....and I'm always pleased with the results.
B In The Zone: Just B...Understanding

I meet all kinds of people everyday and I must admit...that's one of the perks of my job. Models, entertainers, makeup artists, music producers, graphic artists, school teachers, waitresses, bus drivers, bar tenders, etc. Each person from a different walk of life and totally unique experiences. My mama always told me and my sister, "Never judge someone by appearances. You never know what that person has experienced or what they have to go home to."
B In The Zone: Just B...Confident

So I'm sitting at a model casting call now and as usual, this is always a sight to behold. This is also reminding me of the social profiles I come across online. Man, I don't even know where to begin but for the sake of this post I will try.
Page 14: ...So Relax. You're in Good Hands

I am often reminded of how lucky I am to be working with so many female clients. The playful fits of envy from my male peers can be quit amusing.  Of course I enjoy the female form as much as any straight man can but when I pick up the camera it's a completely different kind of appreciation. 
Stephanie Alva for My Life Keys

Hilarious.  Energetic. Motivating. Ambitious. Humble. Beautiful.  Yeah, that's pretty much how I would describe her in a nutshell. Meet Stephanie Alva aka @Licious247 (her Twitter screen name *smile*). This woman is sooooo full of refreshing!!! It was a breeze working with her. I was so honored because she traveled all the way from California to shoot with me.
Rassi Dennard for Raslion Photography

Myspace was the first online community I joined and I've made some wonderful connections from that site. One of them is a talented photographer in St. Petersburg, FL. I thought it would be great to let you all get to know him and view his images. Meet Rassi Dennard for Raslion Photography.
Remember, Less is More

Among some of the frequently asked questions I get from clients booking a session is, "How many shots do I get and will I get a CD?".   There is often this expectation that they will receive hundreds of images on a CD and this somehow makes it a worth while photo shoot.  At TSC we allow clients to view the photo session and select 5 images to be retouched, which is a lot for one outfit.
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